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L.I.F.E. Press, pronounced Life Press, stands for Listen It Fixes Everything Press. Because music is a valuable aspect of life that carries the power of being able to fix everything, at least temporarily.
This is a website that brings the scene right to your bedroom. We photograph shows, interview artists & bands, write reviews of shows/albums/music videos etc., do artist spot-lights and may even have your favorite musician as a guest writer. Keep your eyes peeled because you won't want to miss out on everything we're doing. We're not a music news site, we're a place to come to, to see great photos, watch/listen/read amazing interviews, read some well written reviews and find out about artists you probably never would've given a chance. Listening to music can really fix everything, even if it temporarily fixes it all, it is the fix you need. This is the place to come to get your fix.


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We are very excited to introduce to y’all our newest Spotlight Artist, Lost in Kostko! We will be working with Lost in Kostko, which is a Southern Californian band made up of, Tyler Posey (Vox/Guitar), Alex Gertsch (Drums), Freddy Ramirez (Vox/Guitar) and Jeremy Bauer (bass).

The band was founded by Alex and Tyler in the summer of 2009. When Alex and Tyler realized they wanted to make this band a real thing, they brought in Jeremy and Freddy (who they knew from school and previous bands they were in) to round out the band. All the members of Lost in Kostko have their own playing styles, but they brought their personal tastes together and decided to play Aggressive Pop-Punk music. The band has one EP under their belts entitled “You’re Going To Need a Towel” which you can pick up on iTunes by clicking HERE!

You can stream their music on their facebook page HERE and if you like what you hear stay posted to here because this is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship between L.I.F.E. Press and Lost in Kostko!

Re-blog this post to spread the word about the band! And if you like what you’ve read/heard then follow this blog and the boys on their personal twitters!
Tyler: @tylergposey Alex: @alexgertsch Freddy: @fredededay Jeremy: @jeremyfbauer

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