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L.I.F.E. Press, pronounced Life Press, stands for Listen It Fixes Everything Press. Because music is a valuable aspect of life that carries the power of being able to fix everything, at least temporarily.
This is a website that brings the scene right to your bedroom. We photograph shows, interview artists & bands, write reviews of shows/albums/music videos etc., do artist spot-lights and may even have your favorite musician as a guest writer. Keep your eyes peeled because you won't want to miss out on everything we're doing. We're not a music news site, we're a place to come to, to see great photos, watch/listen/read amazing interviews, read some well written reviews and find out about artists you probably never would've given a chance. Listening to music can really fix everything, even if it temporarily fixes it all, it is the fix you need. This is the place to come to get your fix.


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The Fleeting Ends is a Philly-based rock band with a knack for catchy and unique songwriting. With influences spanning from XTC and the Cars to the Pixies and Blur, The Fleeting Ends exploit its roots while still putting its own touch on the catalogue of music that they continue to build. With performances at SXSW, Folk Fest, the Kimmel Center, and NBC 10’s 10! Show, The Fleeting Ends are only beginning to make a name for themselves.” (via the band’s facebook page)

On Wednesday June 5th The Fleeting Ends are playing a show at Rockwood, Stage 1 in NYC. The event is 21+ but if you’re of legal drinking age you should definitely go and check these guys out. The Fleeting Ends released an album at the end of March titled “Our Eyes Are Peeled” and are currently touring with this album. I only recently found out about this band but I’m already jamming their music and I’m super bummed I’ll be missing this show. So if you can make it out, be sure to message us and let us know what you thought!

You can find out more about the band by clicking the following links:
The band’s website 
The band’s facebook page